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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Coronavirus: Measures concerning holding of meetings in Luxembourg companies and other entities applicable until 30 June 2021

26 November 2020

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) sanitary crisis, the Luxembourg government has adopted since 20 March 2020, a series of measures allowing the adoption of corporate approvals without any physical presence so as to ensure both the safety of the participants and the business continuity of companies and other entities1. The application of these measures has been extended by the legislator for the last time pursuant to the law of 23 September 2020 implementing measures concerning the holding of meetings in companies and other legal entities, which entered into force on 1 October 2020 and will have effect until 30 June 2021 (the "New Law").

We have set out below an overview of the options for the adoption of resolutions both at shareholders and management level, constituting alternatives to physical meetings.

This is an update to the briefing published in March 2020.


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