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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


The EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan - Status Table: Progress and Next Steps

31 October 2019

The European Commission launched its Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth (the Action Plan) in March 2018. This plan is comprehensive and ambitious, with three broad aims: (1) to reorient capital flows towards a more sustainable economy: (2) to maintain sustainability in risk management and (3) to foster transparency and long-termism.

These aims are scoped in further detail in 10 separate action points. Some of the action points have been more fully realised than others, but the progress made since the publication of the Action Plan is impressive and reflects the EU’s commitment to the sustainability and low carbon transition agenda.

The breadth of the Action Plan and the pace of development can make tracking progress on specific points challenging. Our status table aims to draw together the different strands of the Action Plan and reflects progress made to date on each of the 10 action points.

Growing the Green Economy

This article was initially published in Growing the Green Economy: Addressing the Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities, our far-reaching look at developments in ESG and sustainable finance. 

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