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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Global Environment Newsletter - Summer 2017 edition

27 June 2017

Welcome to the Summer edition of our Global Environment Newsletter. This edition covers the following topics:

  • EU: Combating Climate Change in the Aviation Industry: Development of the 'stop the clock' provisions, the global market-based measure and the EU Emissions Trading System

  • EU: Reforms to EU Health and Safety Legislation: New workplace exposure limits for 7 additional chemicals proposed and tightening of existing limits

  • EU: Public Access to Information on Emissions v. Business Secrecy: The European Court of Justice has provided some clarity on the extent of the business secrecy exemption from environmental disclosure

  • Australia: Climate change policy and renewable power takes centre stage: The national climate change policy review and South Australian government's new energy plan spark debate

  • China: Update on the national Emissions Trading System: A new Cap Setting and Allowance Allocation Framework Plan has been approved

  • The Netherlands: A New Nature Protection Act: A new streamlined nature protection Act will improve clarity of the protection regime and allow environmental protection and economic expansion to proceed together

  • UK: £20m Fine for Water Pollution Offences: The Crown Court demonstrates its willingness to impose significant environmental sentences by imposing the largest ever fine for water company pollution in the UK

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