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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Valorisation and disposal of state-owned assets

17 July 2012

As expected, the newly-issued Decree Law No. 87 of 27 June 2012 (the “Decree Law”)
governs the valorisation and sale of stateowned assets. To contribute to reduce public
debt in the short and medium term, the government has opted both to divest part of
the state's holdings in corporations and to valorise, and then sell, publicly-owned real assets.

The Decree Law has been effective since 27 June 2012, the day when it was
published in the Official Gazette, and will lose effectiveness unless it is converted into
law on or before 27 August 2012. Amendments may be made to the Decree Law
during the process of conversion, and the resulting law may have different provisions
than the ones set out in the Decree Law.

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