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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Employment - Recent legislative innovations

3 January 2011

This newsletter focuses on the most important recent revisions to legislation,
pending developments relating to approval of the so-called “Collegato Lavoro”. This
bill contains new provisions regarding dispute arbitration and settlement, fixed-term
contracts and labour proceedings, amongst others, and was resubmitted to the
House by the President of the Republic, Mr Napolitano, last March 2010. The
amended version of the bill was approved by the House on 19 October 2010 and is
now pending final approval by the President of the Republic.

Legislative innovations in the field of employment law and social security of
particular interest are Law no. 122, 30 July 2010, which converted Decree Law 78,
31 May 2010 on “Urgent measures regarding financial stabilisation and economic
competitiveness" (so-called "2010 Financial Manoeuvre") into law. Additional legal
provisions and interpretative circulars have also been issued over the past few

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