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Clifford Chance announces Tech for Integrity legal award recipients

3 October 2017

Clifford Chance announces Tech for Integrity legal award recipients

Clifford Chance has today announced the recipients of six legal advice awards as part of its collaboration with the Tech for Integrity Challenge (T4I), a landmark effort led by Citi to encourage technology innovators from around the world to create cutting-edge solutions to promote integrity, accountability and transparency in the public sector and beyond. The six ventures were selected from the T4I finalists where international legal and regulatory insight has the greatest potential to assist their development, and will all receive tailored legal support from Clifford Chance lawyers.

The awards were announced at an event hosted by the International Monetary Fund to highlight the crucial role technology can play in tackling corruption around the world. The event, which included awards from all ally firms including Facebook, IBM, Let's Talk Payments, Mastercard, Microsoft and PwC, represented the culmination of T4I, which launched in February this year to source innovation in a number of areas, including government transactions and procurement; culture, ethics and citizen engagement; cutting red tape; and information security and identity. Citi also presented three additional overall awards: the Jim Wolfensohn Game Changer Award to Dublin-based AID:Tech, the Catalyst Award to SQREEM and the Accelerator Award to Taiger and Troolio.

The recipients of the Clifford Chance Legal Advice awards were:

  • AID:Tech (Dublin): An award winning platform that uses blockchain to ensure that aid beneficiaries receive aid, social welfare and remittances directly to their Digital ID. 
  • CARTO (Madrid): Carto uses location data and sophisticated spatial analysis tools to enable organisations in the financial and insurance sectors to identify and prevent fraud. 
  • DigiByte Holdings (Hong Kong): DiguSign, developed by DigiByte Holdings, enables users to securely store and validate documents on a blockchain across a number of applications including healthcare, the public sector, trade and financial services.
  • (Washington DC): A Digital ID service that provides a single sign on for public, government and private online activities, binding a legal identity to a digital login. 
  • Tradle (London and New York): Tradle digitizes compliance by using the blockchain to enable customers to move their Know Your Customer documents across barriers including ring-fenced institutions and jurisdictions.
  • SQREEM Technologies (Singapore): SQREEM uses advanced artificial intelligence and behavioural data to provide early warning systems for anomalous behaviour that may indicate financial crime.

Malcolm Sweeting, Senior Partner, Clifford Chance comments: "We are excited to be working with AID:Tech, CARTO, DigiByte Holdings,, Tradle, and SQREEM Technologies. They are the best at what they do and, like all pioneers, they are pushing new boundaries. We look forward to working with them to overcome the legal and regulatory hurdles they may face and bring their innovations to a wider audience."