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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Assessing the State of Artificial Intelligence<br />

Assessing the State of Artificial Intelligence

AI Connect Viewpoints

The 2020s have been called “the decade of generative AI” (artificial intelligence) — “the ‘what’s next’ that we’ve been waiting for”. A technology this transformative has tremendous implications for companies as they expand adoption. Boards and management teams are discussing how to unlock the potential of AI while balancing an increasingly complex web of strategic, operational, legal, and political considerations. Organizations that can effectively navigate these issues and adopt a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to responsibly deploying the technology will be best positioned to gain competitive advantage in an AI-enabled future.

In 2023, Tapestry Networks and Clifford Chance launched AI Connect to provide board members and senior executives from leading companies with a platform to engage on the possibilities and risks posed by AI. Following a series of interviews and small group discussions to debate what the emerging AI ecosystem will look like and how business leaders can responsibly deploy the technology, the AI Connect Forum have launched a brand new report on key takeaways from the findings: Assessing the State of Artificial Intelligence.

This report explores these key issues and draws on data points and discussions from the Forum. Key themes include:

  • A new AI ecosystem is emerging.
  • Companies are moving at very different speeds.
  • Risks associated with AI abound.
  • Governance and oversight are racing to keep up with the technology.
  • The regulatory landscape is fluid and fragmented.

Read the findings in full.