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Debt Restructurings Guide<br />

Debt Restructurings Guide

The Debt Restructurings Guide provides an easily accessible overview of the key issues to be considered in debt restructurings, quickly enabling the comparison of topics of interest across multiple jurisdictions.

It sets out all the restructuring options available in a number of key jurisdictions, including pre-packaged solutions and court supervised schemes and restructuring plans. It considers formal insolvency processes that may be used instead of or in addition to restructuring techniques and looks at the implications and risks for stakeholders. The guide also contains a section focused specifically on debt restructurings in real estate transactions and current related developments.

We hope that you will find this a useful tool. Our professionals in each jurisdiction, whose contact details are provided in the relevant sections, will be happy to elaborate on any of the issues covered and answer any further questions you may have.

How to access

Log in to the Clifford Chance Client Portal to access the guide. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up by clicking TOOLKITS & CLIENT LOG-IN at the top of this page. Click 'Sign up' and register your details.

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