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Clifford Chance

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Talking purpose in business and ethics with Franz Paasche, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Paypal

"When you set your North Star on a mission that's inclusive and that is aimed at serving those who are underserved, it guides you towards many opportunities to fulfil that purpose and to serve."

As one of the world's biggest fintech companies, PayPal pride themselves in being a mission-led company with a well-articulated purpose that actively and visibly guides the decisions they make.

Serving underserved communities and having a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of their employees, is a core part of their mission along with the multi-stakeholder approach they take to delivering their services.

As part of our business and ethics video series, Global Senior Partner Jeroen Ouwehand and CEO of Principia Advisory David Rodin talks to Franz about the challenges they face regarding the use of the PayPal platform, the difficult decisions they have had to make and why living by their values and ensuring their walk matches their talk is so important.

Watch the highlights from the interview below.