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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Construction Insights

What are the top 3 tips for the construction of a new town?

In the latest video in our Construction Onsites series, Marianne Toghill talks to Aldred Drummond, Chief Executive of Fawley Waterside, to discuss his tips for success in the construction and development of a new town at Fawley Waterside in Hampshire, his family's connection with the site, why he didn't just blow up the power station and how Fawley Waterside offers something for everyone.

Aldred Drummond is the Chief Executive of Fawley Waterside and was previously the Director of Real Estate at Long Harbour. He has overseen investment in 23 towns and cities in the UK with a particular focus on building homes for rent. Aldred has historical family connections with Cadland Estate which once owned the land where Fawley Power Station was built, and is passionate about the long-term prosperity of the area and conceiving a new settlement that respects the natural beauty and importance of the New Forest.