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Clifford Chance

Litigation Guide App

Navigating litigation, country by country

In an increasingly global world, it is more likely than ever that litigators will be faced with managing cross-border cases in unfamiliar locations.

The Clifford Chance Litigation Guide App provides a guide to litigation on a country by country basis. The easy to navigate Q&A format means you'll be able to quickly find what you need, and with over 15 countries included - as well as a comparison feature, principles and class action components - we're confident it will come in handy.

How to access

The App is available to use on iPhones and Android devices. E-mail our team for more information and to register your details below.

Key features of the app

Understand the key features when faced with a major litigation in an unfamiliar jurisdiction

Find out more by accessing links to useful articles

Quickly identify how litigation works on a country by country basis so that you can get to work faster

Sign up to receive automatic notifications about Clifford Chance summaries on key decisions

A wide range of relevant litigation principles and class action components

Set your preferences to make sure you receive the most relevant information for you

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