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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


The new UAE Arbitration Law - another step in the right direction

31 May 2018

Earlier this month, the UAE issued a new federal arbitration law (referred to as the New Law in this briefing) that is based on the UNCITRAL Model law and will come into effect one month after its publication in the UAE Official Gazette. When it does so, it will repeal and replace Articles 203 to 218 of the UAE Civil Procedure Code (CPC), in which the UAE's current law on arbitration is set out.

On its face, the New Law addresses many of the issues that have caused some parties to question the efficacy of arbitration in the UAE. It also introduces mechanisms aimed at improving the efficiency and finality of the arbitral process.

In this briefing, we identify some of the key changes introduced by the New Law and consider briefly their likely practical implications.


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