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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


The future of trade for the UK – a guide for businesses

13 February 2017

The UK is about to renegotiate a complex web of trade agreements built up over decades. This will pose a number of challenges. This paper produced in partnership with the CBI offers advice on how to manage the potential changes ahead. It assesses trade scenarios for Brexit and their potential impact on UK businesses, including: Article 50 withdrawal agreement negotiation; UK/EU long-term agreement negotiations; WTO negotiation; third country FTA negotiations; temporary interim arrangement negotiations. It also focuses on practical considerations for businesses such as supply chain analysis; assessment of impact of tariffs; assessing impacts of non-tariff barriers, assessing potential restrictions to trade in services, mapping global corporate footprints; sharing economic and industry knowledge with Government; obtaining proof of foreign certificates and obtaining certificates of compliance with standards.

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