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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Virtual Pride Art Gallery 2021 – Amsterdam<br />

Virtual Pride Art Gallery 2021 – Amsterdam

Our Virtual Pride celebrations

Clifford Chance Amsterdam has a longstanding working relationship with Pride Photo, dating back to 2014. In total, over the years, the office has hosted five month-long photography exhibitions curated with Pride Photo, and now for the second year running, an online gallery.

Pride Photo – a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2010 – is a platform for inspiring stories about sexual and gender diversity. Through the medium of photography, it strives to show imagery whilst portraying the stories behind them, creating a safe place for dialogue and intriguing presentations for and about the LGBTQI+ community, furthering acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in society.

For more information, visit the Pride Photo website.


Lana Yanovska (2020) "Selective Perception"

Lana Yanovska's series plays with relationships, sexualities, and our perceptions. What do you see when you look at the couples? In this set of photos we do not know which couple is real, and which has been staged. We invite you to think about this. Which one looks staged? Who looks more at ease with each other? Maybe both? And then ask yourself; why do you think that?

For Yanovska, "Selective Perception" is about the viewer's expectations and preconceived ideas of sexuality, gender roles, and norms. It is about how quickly we put others in boxes, based on our own background, presumptions and experience. In the end, there is no right answer – everyone is free to decide which couple looks "more real" to them.

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Lee-Ann Olwage (2020) "#BlackDragMagic"

This series tells the stories of black queer, gender non-conforming and transgender people living in the townships of Cape Town. Life is challenging for this group as they are exposed to daily harassment, violence and discrimination.

With this photographic project, Lee-Ann Olwage wanted to highlight and show the strength and richness of this group in a positive way. The series deals with migration, culture, gender, and sexual identity. All of the participants in the project were invited to decide how they wanted to show themselves in the images. Olwage also wanted to help the African LGBTQ+ community realise the importance of expressing themselves, regardless of their background, and reclaiming public space in a community where they are all too often considered third-class people. For the participants, creating the photo series was a radical and progressive act of resistance.

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Jörg Meier (2020) "Out there – queer farmers in Europe"

There is an established LGBTQ+ community in the agricultural sector, and just like their straight colleagues, queer farmers tend to put their businesses first. But, admitting you are different from norms can be hard, and in the countryside it can be even harder, as bonds with family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues are often very close. All farmers have very high self-discipline, and combined with an overriding sense of responsibility for their livestock and land, there is little room for anything else. Finding a life partner can pose a challenge to those in agriculture, and even more so for queer farmers. In 'Out there' queer farmers openly and proudly show themselves in their work environments.

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Lana Yanovska (2016) "Polarity"

Androgyny scares, baffles and fascinates at the same time. Androgynous people live between the polarities of a binary society: visually they fit neither the female nor male stereotype. Their dual natures coexist in each world like cross-faded images contained in one frame. Separating them into two classic genders makes this polarity visible and present while mirroring back the viewer's norms and stereotypes.

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Vianney le Caer (2016) "Beirut Sun Tanners"

This photo story series from 2016 explores the sunbathing community of the American University of Beirut Beach, Lebanon, located beside the Corniche, a famous seaside promenade in downtown Beirut. During the winter months, the beach is occupied by local residents who come there daily to swim and lie in the sun.

During the creation of this photo series, two hours away from this beach, in Ras Baalbek, the effects of the Syrian civil war was spilling over the border into the neighbouring country's territory.

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Arcus is our global inclusive employee network open to all Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans*, Intersex, Queer people and their Allies​​​. Arcus aims to encourage an inclusive and integrated culture within Clifford Chance that gives colleagues the choice to be open and out.

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