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Arcus Pride Art 2023 – Dusseldorf

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Clifford Chance Germany extends the celebration of “United in Pride” into fall

In 2023, we extended our Pride Month celebrations into September, turning our Dusseldorf office into a unique art exhibition exclusively curated for Clifford Chance. Local curator Wilko Austermann brought together four artists that work with different media and forms of representation to make the vernissage as unique and diverse as the artists themselves.

Each year, the Arcus Pride Art campaign holds a special place in our hearts as it showcases artworks by LGBT*IQ and supporting artists who guide us through various facets of diversity, fostering an environment of open dialogue. In 2023, we invited our Arcus and Arcus Ally members, community, and clients to reflect on a common bond we share: we are, together, United in Pride.

See for yourself and view our photo highlights, virtual art gallery as well as the event video below.

"Arcus Pride Art is the most wonderful marriage of art and the law" – Tiernan Brady, Global Director of Inclusion

United in Pride!

The annual Arcus Pride Art exhibition has become one of the largest corporate supported exhibitions of art works by LGBT*IQ and supporter artists. It is a truly global celebration, with events and exhibitions taking place across Clifford Chance's global network. In this video, our artists and curator as well as members of Clifford Chance's German LGBT*IQ network Arcus and Arcus Allies talk about the importance of the theme "United in Pride". Watch now!


Yvonne Feder

Yvonne Feder's art captivates with vibrant colours and mysterious figures on canvas. She distorts figurative objects, using glue-based paints to create fluid compositions. Her works are known for brilliant colours, often dominated by a primary tone in the Arcus Pride exhibition. Feder's art leaves a magical impression with lively motifs, where figures disappear in ornamentation, symbolising ambiguity and disorder. Her paintings also explore queer love metaphorically.



2023, cold glue and pigment on cotton, 120x190 cm
Courtesy of the artist


Dominik Geis

Dominik Geis' works explore what lies behind images and visual impressions. Starting from physicality, gestures, social structures and the culturally shaped and socially charged variety of images rooted in them. His interest is directed at the nuances, ambiguities and ambivalences, which on the one hand are treated and negotiated by the medium itself, and on the other hand by sociological and cultural observations that have become images.

Eilike Schlenkhoff

Eilike Schlenkhoff has been diligently working on her line-painting series for several years. Her works often consist of smaller formats, which she skillfully combines into extended line installations. Through her paintings, the artist explores different variations to represent lines in an almost scientific manner. In the context of the Arcus Pride exhibition, Schlenkhoff's work can be interpreted in various ways. Her individual paintings stand out through different colour schemes and painting techniques. Despite this diversity, the totality of the paintings forms a coherent and aesthetic whole. This diversity can be seen as a metaphor for the differences within human society.


Strichinstallation 1 (line installation 1)

2023, five oil paintings, 240x104 cm
Courtesy of the artist


Strichinstallation 2 (line installation 2)

2023, six oil paintings, 65x150 cm
Courtesy of the artist


Strichinstallation 3 (line installation 3)

2023, five oil paintings, 90x150 cm
Courtesy of the artist


Thorsten Schoth

Thorsten Schoth creates sculptures that symbolise the human body and the theme of queer love. In his aesthetic figures, he often deliberately blurs gender assignments. He visualises intimate moments and encounters that indicate closeness and longing. In his works, Thorsten Schoth creates sensual sculptures that deal with the analysis of the human body and its sexuality.


Reliquie V: hängend (relic V: hanging)

2022, plaster, tinting color, ca. 30x30x30 cm

Courtesy of the artist


Ikone I: Manu 1-3 (icon I: Manu 1-3)

2023, plaster, epoxy resin, pigments, steel, each 115x126x5 cm

Courtesy of the artist


About Arcus

Arcus is our global inclusive employee network open to all Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans*, Intersex, Queer people and their Allies​​​. Arcus aims to encourage an inclusive and integrated culture within Clifford Chance that gives colleagues the choice to be open and out.

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