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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Arcus Italy<br />

Arcus Italy

Our Virtual Pride Art exhibition, curated by Patrizia Madau

Pride Month, celebrated every June, looked quite different in 2020, being celebrated with alternative means. Arcus Italy is reaffirming its active commitment towards inclusion and diversity and has partnered with a local gallerist and an art historian to curate two virtual galleries.

'Imaginative Cells', curated by Patrizia Madau

Tallulah Studio Art Milan presents “The Imaginative Cells”, eight different artists supporting Arcus Pride 2020 curated by Patrizia Madau.

In Art “The Imaginative Cells” follow the exact biological pattern in Nature, resonate on a different frequency and, in the diversity of their works, create union. Connecting with each other they become stronger, giving life to change, generating a radical transformation in human society and in the level of consciousness. Tallulah Studio Art firmly trusts in a humanity with roots of happiness and mutual understanding, and believes in changes that can build a New Humanity supporting diversity and inclusion. The artists on show, through their art, want to tell their intimate vision of transformation and change. This is their contribution to support the LGBT community.


Way of Change - Jono Nussbaum

2020 © Jono Nussbaum

Ink on paper

A dragonfly goes through a dramatic transformation that changes its life from an aquatic existence to one characterized by a mastery of flight. This is a moment of change that it can neither stop nor avoid. Change is inevitable. Likewise, a toad is spawned from a mass of eggs as one single tiny tadpole among thousands, only to, then, go through a myriad of dangers and a series of dramatic transformations in the hope of reaching adulthood. Change is vulnerable. A tree stands as a symbol of longevity, yet also starts its life as a tiny seed, which given time, the right circumstance and more time, will flourish into one of the great monuments of the natural world. Change takes time. Change is inevitable, but when faced with change it is possible to recognize moments of vulnerability. The bigger the change the greater the defense we create against it. In our society it is not only the initiators of change that are challenged by exposure and their vulnerability, but also those having to dismantle the constructs of out dated ideas. It takes courage to create change. It takes courage to embrace change. Be brave.

Jono Nussbaum studied Art at Chelsea Collage of Art and Furniture Design at Kingston University and is now based in the South of Tuscany in Italy. Drawing inspiration from his rural environment and continual fascination with the natural sciences and visual arts, Jono describes his work as an instinctive response to his current environment. “Humor is vital and without playfulness I wouldn’t find a solution to anything.”

Jordi Suñé Ferrús

Painter and architect, Jordi lives and works between Brescia and Barcelona. In 2007 he decided to open the "Shock", a studio and exhibition space in Tarragona. Here he proposes the fusion, in a contemporary habitat, of many disciplines, collage, paintings, artistic installation and photography. 


Fragments of Change

2020 © Jordi Suñé Ferrús


My reflection focuses on the structural change of the artwork and how perception can be influenced. The artwork's artistic essence is preserved, but the broken shape allows an altered reading. In a similar way, the integration and inclusion of various identities in the LGBT community produces a new result.

Enlarge image

The Pantry Makeover

2020 © Jordi Suñé Ferrús

Digital and mixed media

The work is a hymn to freedom and transformation. It is a kind of change of clothes which, although it represents a radical change, does not involve substance and identity.

Enlarge image

Maria Giovanna Morelli

Maria Giovanna Morelli is an Italian artist, based in Ravenna who works in sculpture, painting and installation art. She also integrates video and land art into her practice. She prefers using handmade objects to create sculptures and installations. Her work has been included in Arte Laguna Prize and exposed in Arsenale Venice in 2017 and 2019.


Conformation 01

2020 © Giovanna Morelli

Ceramic and plastic

A set of several elements that collaborate to form a single structure. Each element has its own feature that is necessary for the functioning of the structure “as a whole”. Like in a community or in a family, each one is different and therefore important for the family's growth. Thinking inclusively is a necessary step for the improvement of the society.

Enlarge image

Dance O.P

2020 © Giovanna Morelli

Collage radiography and chalcography

This is a transposition of a personal event into art. A physical diversity can encourage to accept others. Diversity concern the entire humanity: each one is unique and this is an opportunity. Our society has to embrace each single self and foster inclusion with no fear.

Enlarge image

Andrea Floris

When Floris starts photographing, you may observe how he takes all the time needed until the world inside and around his subject opens up to him and shows its real essence. People melt into his silent invitation to trustfully surrender to his eye behind the camera. It seems that he seduces all kinds of materials, such as wood, ice and fruits, to reveal their silent longings. Floris lives and works in Ceva, near Cuneo in the North of Italy.

Unsteady as we are as humans, we switch from being defensive to reaching out. You can hurt yourself, get injured on his spines. Or else, you can be embraced by butterfly wings like Samaras. Trees with the same equipment remain true to the choice they once made.

Riccardo Bonfadini

Riccardo Bonfadini was born in Cremona in 1971. He became interested in art thanks to his father, a famous artist. His artworks express our contemporaneity through the constant use of its objects, that are often presented to the audience  ironically.

Calimero’s Pride

2020 © Riccardo Bonfadini

Installation and advertising panel

All the eggs in the basket decide to turn black like Calimero, putting a stop to individual discrimination. We are all Calimero; therefore, no one is a Calimero. A hymn to the pride of being Calimero is a step towards a fundamental awareness of feeling part of a whole.

Enlarge image

Never Lie

2020 © Riccardo Bonfadini

Advertising panel

A pink pastel that actually turns blue represents the truth which lies inside each of us. There is no need to hide our real feelings, because they inevitably surface on their own. Never lie or lie to please others. We build a free society starting from our individual way of being.

Enlarge image

Makeup Make Down

2020 © Federica Angelino


The month of June is important for all Pride parades, but even more now that they are being canceled. For me, Pride is the colorful makeup on the streets and I wanted to emphasize this feature in my work.

Federica Angelino is a multidisciplinary artist working across photography, installations and painting. She investigates the origin of cultural diversity, analysing the intimacy between individuals in their diversity and portrays them by creating emotional rifts of great scenic effect. In her previous exhibits, Federica focused her attention on the relationship between intimacy and couple dynamics, creating site-specific artworks.

Enlarge image

Andrea Milano

Andrea Milano is an Italian photographer born in 1974. He started using a camera when he was 13, and ever since then he has been interested in visual arts. He started working in the photography industry in 1998 in fashion photography and over the years he has gained experience in sports, portrait, events and landscape photography. He has worked as a consultant for artists such as Pino Musi, Gabriele Basilico, Dario Zucchi, Oliviero Toscani, Mario Cresci, Giovanni Carrieri. 


Freedom is Change

2020 © Andrea Milano


I was interested in showing a Transgender person walking in the middle of a crowd. She was wearing a jacket with a discriminatory text regarding LGBT. This photo just gives me a  feeling of freedom and change.

Enlarge image

Ready to Talk

2020 © Andrea Milano


I wanted to show the freedom to look the way you feel. In this case, this human being decided to show a face with makeup. It would be a great change in our culture if everyone could express himself as he feels. I decided to focus my attention on the mouth because I think freedom of speech should be allowed everywhere and in every situation. The white line in the middle represents the many ways in  which our culture tries to silence people and yet we must keep talking.

Enlarge image

Garden of Eden - Patrick Corrado

2020 © Patrick Corrado


The artist presents Garden of Eden, a reflection on change. For Patrick, change is possible only by overcoming the insurmountable boundaries that have always led us to closure and fear. We are the men that through actions and commitment to inclusion can generate a new humanity. His work is the representation of free love: from prejudice of thought, sexual orientation and race. The Garden of Eden is open to everybody.

The artist constructs and deconstructs photographic images, symbols, colors and typography from the worlds of fashion, cinema cartoons, computers, nature and music, creating a fresh visual landscape. His assemblages are at once subliminal and explosive, bound to delight. These large scale works are precise and paradoxical. In 2009, Patrick was selected for his collection, “Parallel Worlds,” for the 52nd edition of the Venice Biennale.

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About Arcus

Arcus is our global inclusive employee network open to all Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans*, Intersex, Queer people and their Allies​​​. Arcus aims to encourage an inclusive and integrated culture within Clifford Chance that gives colleagues the choice to be open and out.

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