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Rewarding Sustainable Development Goals alignment

Our first ever UN Sustainable Development Goals Environment Award is helping the Plan Vivo Foundation achieve emissions reductions of 7 million tonnes of CO2. 

Clifford Chance carried out a range of pro bono projects in 2021/22 aligned to sustainable solutions to climate change, including two high-profile initiatives that featured at COP-26 in October and November 2021.

In the build-up to COP-26, on 28 October 2021 we announced the recipient of our inaugural UN Sustainable Development Goals Environment Award, the Plan Vivo Foundation – an environmental protection charity. Plan Vivo enables communities to access carbon finance in return for emissions reductions generated through sustainable community land-use projects.

The Award will help Plan Vivo scale up its operations.

“Plan Vivo is at a stage of real growth, which is really exciting,” says Caroline Stillman, Projects & Social Impact Officer, Plan Vivo. “So, we want to scale up at the same time as keeping our holistic focus and impact on nature, climate and communities in mind. The £50,000 and 500 hours of pro bono support from Clifford Chance will strengthen our strategic plan, develop our marketing plan and also provide access to advice on carbon trading.”

Plan Vivo has made a significant impact in its 25 years of operation. The projects Plan Vivo takes on capture carbon from the atmosphere, which the projects can apply to turn into Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs). One PVC represents one tonne of captured carbon and can be sold on the voluntary carbon market to raise funds for the projects. To date, Plan Vivo has more than 265,000 hectares of land under management in 850 communities around the world and its activities are set to deliver emissions reductions of more than 7 million tonnes of CO2.

“Plan Vivo’s impact is as sustainable as it is compelling,” says Tom Dunn, Global Director of Pro Bono, Clifford Chance. “Working alongside Caroline and the team represents an excellent opportunity to act responsibly.”