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Clifford Chance collaborates on the Afghanistan Country of Origin Information Repository

Developments in Afghanistan both before and after the withdrawal of the US, UK and NATO forces have presented unique dangers particular to each Afghan citizen. Country of Origin Information (COI) is a lens through which individual circumstances can be understood. COI also provides more general information on issues common to many within a particular country. COI reports therefore provide a clear picture of the problems faced by those subjected to violence, persecution, and the denial of their human rights.

As Afghan citizens attempt to flee the country and make claims for international protection, and Afghans already abroad make applications for family reunification and to prevent forced return, reliable COI for legal representatives and campaigners is crucial in making effective cases for asylum seekers.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the third edition of our Afghanistan COI Repository. This repository is compiled by volunteers from Asylos, the Asylum Research Centre Foundation and Clifford Chance. The Repository acts as a source of current information, as well as a record of the changing situation in Afghanistan over time.

Updated on a weekly basis until further notice, this repository contains a list of national, regional, and international sources and presents relevant and current country information on Afghanistan under research headings.

As part of the Refugee Support Scheme, Clifford Chance has long collaborated with Refugee Action, the Asylum Research Centre Foundation and Asylos in drafting COI reports in support of asylum applications. The scheme makes use of the expertise of Clifford Chance lawyers and trainees, as well as volunteers from our clients.

Time is a precious commodity when making effective asylum applications, both for the asylum seeker and their representatives. We hope that this resource will further the work of the Refugee Support Scheme in achieving positive outcomes for refugees and allowing representatives to take on more cases.

Please access the repository here.