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Remote working tips from Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing Specialist Leana Coopoosamy

With Clifford Chance offices across the globe working remotely, our colleagues have been sharing their remote working setups, what they're doing to maintain their mental heath and wellbeing, and how they've been staying in touch with colleagues.

Next, we speak to Leana Coopoosamy, Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing Specialist in the UK.

What's the most interesting thing about your remote working set up?

The most interesting thing about my remote working set up is seeing my fiancé more than ever before. Our schedules never matched prior to remote working, so it's been nice to actually see each other for a change! I have three main areas where I work from to mix up the scenery and ensure I'm not sitting in one place for the whole day. I used to start off on the balcony in the morning to catch some sun and run through emails, now I station myself at the dining room table (I have a laptop stand from IKEA, laptop, mouse and comfortable desk chair) for the majority of the day, using the spare room in the afternoon with our stand up desk for any meetings.

What are your remote working 'must haves'?

1xtra Radio in the morning and a sweet snack after lunch with a Calm tea.

What have you been doing to maintain your health and wellbeing while working remotely?

Funnily enough, I have been exercising more than before but that could change as the weather does. I work out six days a week now, using the Courtney Black app and have become part of the CB Warrior crew (for those that follow Courtney, they'll know what I'm talking about). We have lunch every day at the dining table, followed by our daily walk where possible. Taking it back to basics and enjoying a meal at the table really makes a difference and it helps that my fiancé's an amazing cook! Working out in the morning means I have the evening to relax, which usually involves catching up with family, friends, reading and bingeing some trashy reality TV where my brain can turn off - 90 Day Fiancé (check it out).

How have you and your team(s) been connecting while working remotely?

We have a bi-weekly Inclusion team catch up on LoopUp where we all get a chance to see each other, check in and then run through a long list of what we're up to in each of our regions and our priorities. It's nice to see faces! 

What are your three top tips for others working remotely?

  • Set yourself a routine and be strict with it
  • Block time in your diary for specific tasks (even more important now than before with the increase of calls)
  • Leave the house once a day for fresh air.
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