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Legal Project Management at Clifford Chance: Part Two

Clifford Chance has been investing in ways to improve how we deliver our legal services to clients since 2007 when we opened the Knowledge Centre (now the Legal Support Centre) in India.

In 2008 we hired our first Continuous Improvement specialist and ever since we've been gradually extending our service delivery network both in terms of capability and global coverage. We are on an evolutionary journey of growth, development and learning which is what are exploring in this Best Delivery podcast series.

In the second episode of the series, Global Programme Director for Best Delivery Tom Slate is talking to our Legal Project Managers around the world, exploring topics such as:

  • What was life like as an LPM when you first began and what is different today?
  • Where do you see LPMs adding most value to clients and to Clifford Chance?
  • What trends have you noticed and what do you anticipate for the future?

    Listen to episode one in this series looking at our Continuous Improvement capability here.
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