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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Innovation & Technology

Create. Disrupt. Deliver.

Technology is an important part of our innovation agenda and can directly impact how we deliver legal services today and in the future.

To achieve our vision, we are consistently looking for new ways to use technology to its full potential to support our people, our processes and our clients.

How are we doing this?

Our approach to digital transformation using legal technology is working towards three horizons. Each one brings with it the potential to drive lasting change.

Our legal technology solutions in action

Now is the time to face the challenges we can see today and those still yet to emerge tomorrow. For lawyers and clients, how we use legal technology to approach these challenges is what makes us stand out.

We work with our clients to identify and develop the solutions that will truly transform our legal services delivery. Below are some examples of how we put legal tech solutions into action

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using our AI and machine learning abilities together with our data science lab, we are creating solutions that truly transform how we deliver legal services.


Using our extensive automation expertise, we can help clients achieve significant time savings and benefit from our dedicated solutions and services.


Leveraging transaction management and other workflow technology, we improve efficiency and access to information all while collaborating with our clients.


CC Connect is our secure, online platform for collaboration that streamlines communication. It can be customised to best suit our clients and teams' needs – no matter the unique purpose.

Data Science

Our dedicated data science lab explores ways in which we can leverage professional expertise, tools and scientific technique to enhance our legal service delivery.

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Our suite of eDiscovery tools allows our lawyers to review large volumes of data and/or documents. It makes discovery activities much more efficient – enhancing our service delivery.

What does this mean for you?

  • Our legal technology solutions are designed to help us serve you better and are shaped by your needs and ways of working. We are always keen to hear from and partner with those individuals and organisations who share our vision.
  • Our focus on technology and innovation can support sectors primed for digital disruption. We are consistently monitoring the technology market and looking for opportunities where tools can be used to transform the delivery of legal services.
  • We are always evolving and preparing for the next opportunity. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please get in touch with a member of our Create team.
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Create. Disrupt. Deliver.