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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Create. Disrupt. Deliver.

Developing the legal services model of the future

Create is one of the three pillars of our Innovation Programme and its purpose is to prepare us for the future through the exploration of ideas for new ways of working, supported by strong research and development to ensure we are proactively engaging with change and disruption.

Create brings together initiatives across Clifford Chance to ensure we stay at the forefront of the advances that will shape the sector and the firm's future client service model.

We work with…

  • Initiatives including Barclays Eagle Lab, to promote legal tech innovation
  • Leading universities including UCL, to develop new skills through our data science partnership
  • Innovation leaders including Legal Geek, StartUp BootCamp, Singularity University and Harvard Centre for the Legal Profession

… as well as investing in and supporting legal tech start-ups.

Our approach


We provide our people with training in creative problem solving and design thinking while also providing an open and encouraging environment for idea generation.

Research and development

Combining a dedicated data science lab, a centre for robotic process automation and leading technology expertise, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the legal sector.


Fostering ideas through collaboration, we have created an ecosystem where clients, leading academic institutions and our own teams come together to share and develop new ideas that will shape our sector.

Create Insights

Get insights on the latest global trends and developments in resources, processes and legal technology from our team, and how these are impacting the delivery of legal services.

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