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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

CC Dr@ft

Legal document automation platform

Document automation delivered

CC Dr@ft combines a powerful document automation platform with a solution design, onboarding and maintenance service. Our team of legal document automation specialists work with you to configure a bespoke solution which delivers you return on your investment year after year.

Have you been hesitant to explore document automation because you've heard it is too challenging to implement? Maybe you have tried automating your legal documents but found that it is challenging to bridge the gap between legal, business and technology teams? If so, you should consider CC Dr@ft.

A solution is only as good as how it has been configured to suit your needs, using our tried and tested process ensures your automation solution works for you. This includes end to end solution design and an iterative approach to scaling up. Start small, achieve quick wins and then grow. 

Read more on how we have integrated CC Dr@ft for two of our customers. 

"Using this document automation process customers have achieved
initial time savings of 60%
 which has increased to 90% as we evolve
their solution."

The CC Dr@ft team has an excellent track record in automating legal and business templates for clients such as financial institutions, asset managers and corporate enterprises - find out more information and request a demo today. Our team are widely regarded in the industry as having automated the most complex templates, experience that will prove invaluable in fulfilling your specific requirements - read our blogs from the team to hear more insights. 

Document automation - what is it and how does it work?

In collaboration with Crafty Counsel, we have created a video boxset on document automation topics. Our team of specialists have produced three videos which provide you with an introduction to document automation, the best way to drive user adoption and what a document automation project actually looks like in reality. 

View full video here

How to automate documents

In a seven part blog series, we share insights on best practice when adopting document automation, including some of the pitfalls that you should try to avoid to get return on your investment.

In each article he details the six stages of a document automation project, including preparation, scoping, development, testing, sign-off and maintenance.

Read the full series here

Meet the CC Dr@ft Team

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