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Applied Solutions

Transformation through tech

We create digital solutions designed to provide efficient, consistent and high-quality outcomes to large-scale client challenges.

As the legal and regulatory landscape continues to evolve, Clifford Chance Applied Solutions aims to respond to these changing business requirements through technology. We combine best in class software with legal expertise from Clifford Chance LLP to build solutions for in-house legal, treasury, compliance, HR and other business teams.

Clifford Chance Applied Solutions Limited was formed in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Clifford Chance LLP. We work closely with our parent, Clifford Chance LLP, to design digital solutions. 

High quality legal content

The legal guidance embedded within our solutions is provided by Clifford Chance LLP lawyers who advise many of the world’s leading companies on how to meet their regulatory obligations.

The result: high quality legal guidance, automated.

Ease of operation and reliability

Our product development team, including editors and UX experts, partner with the leading tech platforms and our target markets to create solutions.

The result: robust and safe software that is a delight to use.

Helping legal budgets

Our solutions enable legal and non-legal users to be more autonomous whilst being compliant with processes and regulations.

The result: less inefficiencies and less legal spend.

Discover our range of products

CC Dr@ft

CC Dr@ft offers an automated document assembly system, solution design, implementation and maintenance service, allowing clients to quickly and independently generate tailor-made and house styled documents within their secure CC Dr@ft portal.

Find out more about CC Dr@ft

Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection

A digital solution to meet your compliance and business challenges when it comes to data protection across multiple jurisdictions. Simply log in, select the questions and jurisdictions you are interested in, and instantly access practical Clifford Chance legal guidance.

Find out more about Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection

SMCR Manager

An interactive tool to assist with the implementation of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime. Makes the complexities of the SMCR manageable, even across large organisations with several regulations firms.

Find out more about SMCR Manager

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