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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


International Mediation Guide - Second Edition

13 June 2016

Mediation remains a hot topic in dispute resolution. Around the world, courts strain under growing backlogs of cases, motivating governments to look for ways of reducing the burden, and inspiring prospective litigants deterred by the prospect of a lengthy court process to pursue alternative options. At the same time, with ever-increasing pressures on businesses’ legal budgets, more and more companies are considering how to reduce litigation costs, with mediation set to grow in prominence as a result.

Against this backdrop, the new Second Edition of Clifford Chance's International Mediation Guide presents the broadest and most comprehensive summary to date of the current "state of play" in relation to mediation worldwide. The Guide includes a survey of 47 jurisdictions covering six continents, with input from across Clifford Chance’s global network as well as from respected local counsel in other jurisdictions.

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