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Clifford Chance's Insights into M&A Trends 2014 – Global Dynamics

3 February 2014

Clifford Chance launches its global M&A trends report 2014

Webcasts of Malcolm Sweeting, Senior Partner at Clifford Chance, and Nick Hughes, M&A Partner at Clifford Chance, accompany the new report on Clifford Chance's Global M&A Toolkit

The report highlights key trends into 2014:

  • Whilst uncertainties remain, the market is strengthening and the stars appear to be aligned for a steady recovery in the M&A market in 2014 and beyond
  • Positive indicators include increased global stability, a calming of euro zone troubles and US fiscal problems, and China's strengthening commitment to becoming a market-driven economy, as well as increasing confidence and focus on growth in both the mature and emerging economies
  • We are starting to see a natural rebalancing of M&A activity as the developed, western markets come back into favour, and this is expected to continue as 2014 progresses
  • Debt markets are thriving, with acquirers accessing the leveraged loan and high yield bond markets, which had a record year in 2013.

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Clifford Chance's Insights into M&A Trends 2014 – Global Dynamics

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