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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Access to justice

Community & pro bono

We see equality in the ability to access justice as fundamental to the upholding of the rule of law.

When access is unequal, people can find it difficult to navigate the rules that govern their lives and some of their interactions with the rest of society and to secure remedies when others break the law. As a result, their confidence and stake in the rule of law diminishes. Over time the rule of law is undermined. 

Our global pro bono practice tackles many of the barriers that prevent people from accessing justice. We provide free legal advice and representation in deprived communities around the world. We support strategic litigation aimed at unlocking access to basic rights for minority groups and others suffering from discrimination.

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Responsible Business Report

As we try to build a better, more sustainable future, it is the fundamental principles of the law that guide us, as a responsible business: equality and fairness, access to justice, effective regulation and government, and the promotion and protection of human rights.

Our 2020 report demonstrates our commitment to sustainable growth and how it has endured and been strengthened during a period of uncertainty and change.

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