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Clifford Chance

Gender commitments

Inclusion & diversity

To help deliver on our inclusion strategy, Change the Rules, Change the Culture, Change the Lived Experience, Clifford Chance has developed a wide range of tailored and targeted initiatives.

We are proud to be a majority women firm and we are committed to continuing to develop and implement tailored strategies to ensure equality of opportunity, aspiration and experience.

Change the rules

  • Partner selection process – We conducted an independent review to ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded throughout the process. Listen to the podcast series, Breaking New Ground
  • UK Pay Gap reporting, including gender, ethnicity and social mobility – We were the first law firm to include the total annual earnings of partners in our UK pay gap data, and to publish our social mobility data.
  • Signing up to the Mansfield Rule in UK and US – This has been instrumental in helping to deliver our global Inclusion Strategy.
  • Diverse recruitment guidelines and framework – Our guidance provides detailed criteria and clear expectations for recruiters to ensure inclusion and diversity at every stage of the recruitment process.
  • Global and regional partner inclusion targets – Progress on our partner targets is outlined in our Inclusion Data Report FY2021/22
  • Talent and career pipeline programmes – We have launched a framework to give all colleagues the right opportunities to discuss performance, development and career aspirations.
  • Our global gender parity group Accelerate>>> works with firm leadership to drive progress, such as contributing to the review and update of policies including family friendly, shared parental leave and menopause.


Change the culture

  • Engage and activate the global firm as advocates for inclusion – Through targeted campaigns we facilitate collaboration and innovation in our work to challenge discrimination and advance our inclusion strategy, in our firm, with our clients, in the world.
  • Global reverse mentoring programme – The firm continues the roll out of the programme – in Germany the programme received a prestigious award for diversity and inclusion.
  • Global Speak Up training and resources – Our Code of Conduct includes “Speak up” as one of its five core values. We developed tailored internal training as part of a response to the International Bar Associations research into bullying and harassment in the legal sector.
  • Sharing insights on inclusion and diversity – As part of our world-class ESG expertise, our Global Inclusion team and Accelerate>>> leads run events, providing platforms to engage colleagues, clients and stakeholders on issues, challenges and insights

Change the lived experience

Becoming ambassadors for change

Inclusion is for all of us. If it isn’t then it isn’t inclusion at all.

Our Inclusion Report celebrates some of the amazing people in our firm who have been demonstrating their values through campaigning for inclusion.

Enjoy reading their stories.


Our insights

The latest points of view from our people on our responsible business activities

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