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Romania - Brexit Update

4 April 2019


The Brexit saga is continuing with no clear definitive solution in sight. But what is currently definitive is that the UK will leave the EU with "no deal" on 12 April unless an alternative route is found. Following the Contingency Action Plan implemented...

Business and Human Rights: Navigating a Changing Legal Landscape

19 March 2019


Businesses are increasingly required to implement human rights due diligence processes and/or to report on how they manage human rights-related issues. In our third joint briefing,The global business initiative on human rights and Clifford Chance consider these...

Whistleblowing: tra evoluzioni normative e privacy

27 February 2019


La disciplina del Whistleblowing è variegata ed in costante evoluzione. Molti sono i profili da considerare per far fronte ai diversi adempimenti richiesti dalle norme generali e da quelle di settore in Italia nel rispetto della normativa privacy, novellata...

Whistleblowing - recent developments and privacy aspects in Italy

27 February 2019


The laws and regulations that apply to whistleblowing in Italy work from different positions in different areas, and continue to develop fast. There are many issues to consider when it comes to meeting the duties imposed by both general and sector-specific rules...