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Developing Decentralised Energy Systems for Urban Real Estate Schemes

6 November 2017


New urban real estate developments are increasingly sourcing their energy from decentralised energy systems rather than from connections to the national grid networks. This briefing sets out some of the key features and legal and regulatory issues involved with...

Sanierungserlass bei Altfällen nur noch bei verbindlicher Auskunft

1 November 2017


Nach zwei BFH-Urteilen vom 23.08.2017 darf der sogenannte Sanierungserlass des Bundesministeriums der Finanzen (BMF) grundsätzlich auch nicht auf Altfälle angewendet werden. Wurde jedoch bereits eine verbindliche Auskunft erteilt und nicht aufgehoben,...

The UK Clean Growth Strategy - New Energy and Carbon Reporting Rules

19 October 2017


The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published proposals for streamlining corporate energy and carbon reporting. These proposals form a part of the renewed focus on energy efficiency contained in the Government's new Clean...

Security of Critical Infrastructure Bill

13 October 2017


This week the Australian Government (Government) released an exposure draft of the Security of Critical Infrastructure Bill 2017 (Cth) (the Bill) and associated Security of Critical Infrastructure Rules 2017 (the Rules) which seek  to manage national security...