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Opportunities for private real estate debt in the UAE and KSA

27 May 2018


Private debt is rather limited in the Middle East, with the vast majority of debt being provided by commercial banks. Challenges with respect to foreclosure/bankruptcy laws, lack of market data and understanding of risk and reward metrics have been some of...

The New Spring for Securitisation

23 May 2018


There have, over the last year, been clear signs of a sustainable revival in the securitisation markets. Even though the Securitisation Regulation does not apply until next year, there has already been a notable increase in the use of securitisation techniques,...

Splitting Contracts

16 May 2018


Where project works include a significant cross-border element it has become common practice for the construction documentation to be split between two or more contracts in order to reduce local tax liabilities. This article looks at the key legal issues and potential...

Cost-Plus Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts

16 May 2018


Pure cost-plus contracts are rare in many markets. However, cost-plus is more common as a method of calculating interim payments in contracts whose outturn cost is capped by a Guaranteed Maximum Price ("GMP") or target cost mechanism. CPGMP contracts...