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The UK's approach to Brexit transition

23 February 2018


The UK government has issued a response to the EU's proposals on how any transition period should apply. For the most part, the texts are broadly aligned. The UK government's text builds on the draft text in the European Commission's position paper...

IP/IT-Rechtliche Implikationen des Koalitionsvertrages

20 February 2018


Am 7. Februar 2018 einigten sich CDU, CSU und SPD koalitionsvertraglich auf die Eckpunkte einer künftigen Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der anvisierten "GroKo". Anlass, sich auch vor Bekanntgabe des Ergebnisses des SPD-Mitgliedervotums hierzu am 4. März...

Next Steps: Notice on consequences of Brexit in (Re)Insurance Sector

19 February 2018


The European Commission (the "Commission") published a number of notices to stakeholders in different sectors on 8 February 2018, on the consequences of Brexit for financial services. Each notice is essentially a 3 page warning with a clear message that...