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Disclosure: Technology assisted review and the courts - Where are we now?

14 March 2018


The Pyrrho and Brown decisions in 2016 represented a watershed moment in litigation as the High Court approved, for the first time, the use of technology assisted review, or TAR, as part of the disclosure process. Judicial attitudes towards TAR have moved forward...

The New 2018 DIS Arbitration Rules

1 March 2018


The German Institution for Arbitration (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e.V., "DIS"), Germany's most important arbitration institution, has completely overhauled its arbitration rules ("2018 DIS Arbitration Rules")....

Die neue DIS-Schiedsgerichtsordnung 2018

1 March 2018


Die Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e.V. ("DIS"), die wichtigste Schiedsinstitution in Deutschland, hat ihre Schiedsgerichtsordnung umfassend reformiert ("DIS-SchO 2018"). Die neue DIS-SchO 2018 gilt für alle DIS-Schiedsverfahren,...

PI Clubs Pay to be paid versus direct action

30 August 2017


Globally, many jurisdictions have legislated to allow actions to be brought directly by third party claimants against an insurer without first having to sue the insured. 'Direct action suits' as they are called, can be problematic for P&I Clubs and...

Litigation privilege limited

10 May 2017


A first instance judge has limited the scope of litigation privilege for entities under investigation by regulatory or criminal authorities. Anticipation of an investigation will not suffice to offer litigation privilege, nor will the investigation itself...