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Directors' contracts – clarity at long last

22 May 2018


In its April 2018 judgment in the MIDESTA case, the Grand Chamber of the Czech Supreme Court reversed its long-held – and rather notorious - view on the interplay between corporate and employment law in the field of contracts governing the terms of office...

Skončil (sou)běh na dlouhou trať?

18 May 2018


Rozsudkem ve věci žalobce MIDESTA z dubna 2018 revidoval velký senát Nejvyššího soudu dosavadní judikaturu NS k tzv. souběhům pracovního poměru a funkce člena orgánu obchodní společnosti. Jaké...

No Oral Modification Clauses Upheld

17 May 2018


The Supreme Court has decided that the commercial desirability of no oral variation (or modification) clauses in contracts overrides any conceptual difficulty in their application.  If parties include such a clause in their contract, then the contract can...

Supreme Court rejects non-binding shareholder vote on board matters

7 May 2018


On 20 April 2018, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled in the Boskalis/Fugro case that shareholders do not have the right to demand a shareholder vote on matters which fall within the management board's authority, such as the policy and strategy of the company, even...

MAS issues proposal to heighten senior management accountability

4 May 2018


Regulators around the world have been looking to the board and senior management of financial institutions (FIs) to ensure a strong culture of responsibility and ethical conduct within their organisations. Singapore is no exception. With the proposed introduction...

Update: Referentenentwurf zur Umsetzung der Know-How-Richtlinie

2 May 2018


Erfreulicher- und konsequenterweise hat das BMJV erkannt und bekräftigt, dass angesichts bisher geltender Regelungen konkreter Umsetzungsbedarf besteht. Während wir im Februar noch die Möglichkeiten aufgezeigt haben, dem entweder durch Ergänzung...

Consumers, all for one, and one for all!

26 April 2018


How Diesel-gate has reactivated the harmonisation of class actions for the defence of consumers in the European Union. We are going to analyse the Proposal for a Directive published and look at the implications it could have for Spain.

¡Consumidores, todos a una!

26 April 2018


Cómo el Diesel-gate reactiva la armonización de las acciones colectivas en defensa de los consumidores en la Unión Europea. Analizamos la Propuesta de Directiva de la Comisión y las implicaciones que podría tener en Espa&nti...