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Singapore Convention on Mediation Signed by 46 Countries

14 August 2019


On 7 August 2019, the Singapore Convention on Mediation (the "Convention"), the world's first ever convention on mediation, was signed in Singapore. In an early sign of strong multilateral support, 46 countries signed the Convention including the...

ADGM Litigation Funding Rules

22 July 2019


On 16 April 2019, the Litigation Funding Rules (the "Rules") of the Abu Dhabi Global Markets Courts ("ADGM Courts") came into effect. The Rules were issued by the Chief Justice of the ADGM Courts pursuant to Article 225 of the ADGM Courts, Civil...

AFA 2018 Annual Report

8 July 2019


On 21st June 2019, the Agence Française Anticorruption, the French anti-corruption agency in charge of monitoring corporate compliance programs (the "AFA") published its annual report providing key figures on audits conducted in 2018. Over the...

First guidelines on CJIP

3 July 2019


The Convention judiciaire d'intérêt public ("CJIP") is the French equivalent to the Deferred Prosecution Agreement ("DPA"), allowing prosecutors to enter into out of court settlements with corporate entities in complex criminal...

Human Rights and International Mining Disputes

2 July 2019


The mining industry can have positive, long-term beneficial effects generating economic and social benefits for local communities and wider society. Equally, it is necessarily accompanied by a high risk of adverse impacts on human rights. Mining operations are...