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Emissions Trading: EU And UK Seek To Mitigate Brexit 'Cliff Edge'

9 November 2017


EU Institutions and the UK Government have made separate proposals in relation to the EU Emissions Trading System for dealing with the immediate consequences of the UK leaving the EU in March 2019 and minimising the impact of a "cliff edge departure". ...

Greening the Financial System

8 November 2017


The need to mobilise green, climate smart, environmentally friendly financing is racing at speed up the agenda of regulators, governments and the institutional investor and financial communities globally. Whilst the commitment in the Paris Agreement to hold global...

Developing Decentralised Energy Systems for Urban Real Estate Schemes

6 November 2017


New urban real estate developments are increasingly sourcing their energy from decentralised energy systems rather than from connections to the national grid networks. This briefing sets out some of the key features and legal and regulatory issues involved with...

The UK Clean Growth Strategy - New Energy and Carbon Reporting Rules

19 October 2017


The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published proposals for streamlining corporate energy and carbon reporting. These proposals form a part of the renewed focus on energy efficiency contained in the Government's new Clean...

The UK Clean Growth Strategy - Drawing the Strands Together

17 October 2017


The Government has published its long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy which sets out its plans to promote growth using a low carbon economy. It predicts pathways for development of different sectors of the economy which are consistent with achieving carbon reductions...

New plan for Energy Storage, Smart Systems and Flexibility

28 July 2017


The Government has published its plan for a smart and flexible energy system. The Government sees a £17bn – 40bn boost to the economy through the implementation of smart energy, and the plan therefore forms a central part of its Industrial Strategy....

Will there be an intervention on the green certificates market?

13 July 2017


On 12 July 2017, at the time when the consultations on the proposed comprehensive amendment to the Act on Renewable Energy Sources (the "RES Act") are on-going, the Polish Sejm received a draft of a "minor" amendment to that RES Act. The amendments...