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New plan for Energy Storage, Smart Systems and Flexibility

28 July 2017


The Government has published its plan for a smart and flexible energy system. The Government sees a £17bn – 40bn boost to the economy through the implementation of smart energy, and the plan therefore forms a central part of its Industrial Strategy....

Global Environment Newsletter - Summer 2017 edition

27 June 2017


Welcome to the Summer edition of our Global Environment Newsletter. This edition covers the following topics: EU: Combating Climate Change in the Aviation Industry: Development of the 'stop the clock' provisions, the global market-based measure and...

Newsflash Energy | EEG-Umlage bei Scheibenpachtmodellen

27 January 2017


Mit dem Gesetz zur Änderung der Bestimmungen zur Stromerzeugung aus Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung und zur Eigenversorgung vom 22. Dezember 2016 (BGBl. I 2016 Nr. 65 S. 3106) hat der Gesetzgeber mit § 104 Abs. 4 EEG 2017 ein Leistungsverweigerungsrecht in...

Global Environment Newsletter - Winter 2016/17 edition

8 December 2016


4 November 2016 marked a milestone in the transition to a low carbon economy as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change entered into force. The COP22 meeting in Marrakech in November has begun to take the implementation of this agreement forward. The Paris Agreement...