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The Repeal Bill - what to watch out for

7 July 2017


It has been rumoured that the UK Government will shortly lay before Parliament a ‘Repeal Bill’ (the Bill formerly known as the “Great” Repeal Bill), which will provide that EU law that was applicable to the UK immediately before Brexit continues...

Too Big To Fail? Details of Hong Kong's New Resolution Regime

6 July 2017


When the Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (FIRO) and the Financial Institutions (Resolution) (Protected Arrangements) Regulation becomes effective on 7 July 2017, the landscape in Hong Kong for the recovery and resolution of financial institutions...

Bridging to Brexit - Insights from European SMEs, Corporates and Investors

4 July 2017


In a new report, Bridging to Brexit: Insights from European SMEs, Corporates and Investors, published by AFME and commissioned from The Boston Consulting Group with support from Clifford Chance, the impact of Brexit on SMEs, large corporates and investors is assessed....

Spain creates the senior non-preferred debt

26 June 2017


Spain has created the new category of senior non-preferred debt.   In case of insolvency (concurso) of credit entities and investment services companies, ordinary claims will be classified into preferred ordinary claims and non-preferred ordinary claims,...

French enthusiasm for crowdfunding

26 June 2017


In favour of this new means of financing, France has rapidly adopted a secure legislative framework which, by its simplicity and its flexibility, is fostering the creation of crowdfunding platforms.