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The UK's approach to Brexit transition

23 February 2018


The UK government has issued a response to the EU's proposals on how any transition period should apply. For the most part, the texts are broadly aligned. The UK government's text builds on the draft text in the European Commission's position paper...

Brexit: implications for contract continuity and repapering

16 February 2018


One of the key questions firms need to consider in their Brexit planning is how to deal with cross-border financial services contracts. In a scenario where the UK leaves the Single Market and no deal covering financial services is agreed, firms will lose the right...

Dawn raids: expect the unexpected

7 February 2018


Partner Alex Nourry and senior associate Chandralekha Ghosh explain how to prepare for an unexpected visit from competition authorities. This article first appeared in the January/February 2018 issue of PLC Magazine

View from Davos – Technology will it unite or divide us?

29 January 2018


Technology was one of the dominant themes at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This year will see huge strides forward in artificial intelligence, more instances of state and non-state hacking and it will be the moment when people begin to grasp the potential...

EU financial services horizon scanner

15 January 2018


The horizon scanner identifies and summarises key EU legislative and non-legislative initiatives that are likely to impact firms providing financial services in the EU, grouped thematically. It also sets out projected timelines for the finalisation and implementation...