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The Fintech Market in Asia Pacific

16 June 2017


The use of technology to deliver, enhance or “disrupt” financial services is transforming the sector. Whether you are an established institution upgrading the existing financial services that you offer, a new entrant launching a groundbreaking product,...

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Review - June 2017

1 June 2017


The spotlight on anti-bribery and corruption compliance programmes continues to intensify as a number of countries adopt measures designed to make it easier to prosecute companies. Most significantly, France’s Sapin II law requires companies subject to the...


1 May 2017


全球领先律师事务所高伟绅今日宣布晋升24名律师为合伙人,其中包括Sam Luttrell博士(珀斯办公室)、吴玉琳(新加坡办公室)、Natsuko Sugihara(东京办公室)以及蔡重阳和杨大志(香港办公室)。此次晋升自2017年5月1日起生效。

Clifford Chance appoints five new partners in Asia Pacific

25 April 2017


Leading international law firm Clifford Chance today announced the promotion of 24 lawyers from its partnership, including Dr. Sam Luttrell (Perth), Lena Ng (Singapore), Natsuko Sugihara (Tokyo), along with David Tsai and Terry Yang (Hong Kong). These promotions...