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The New Spring for Securitisation

23 May 2018


There have, over the last year, been clear signs of a sustainable revival in the securitisation markets. Even though the Securitisation Regulation does not apply until next year, there has already been a notable increase in the use of securitisation techniques,...

Initial coin offerings – asking the right regulatory questions

3 May 2018


Initial coin offerings or ICOs are growing rapidly. Essentially a method of crowdfunding facilitated through blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, ICOs are reported to have raised almost $10 billion globally from the start of 2017 despite being denounced...

US Data Privacy Enforcement After Facebook: What To Expect

24 April 2018


Earlier this month, Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress regarding Cambridge Analytica's alleged misuse of the data of approximately 80 million US residents with Facebook accounts. During the course of nine hours at two Congressional...