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Busting Bitcoin's anonymity - the implications for financial institutions

13 September 2019


A deliberate design feature of Bitcoin is that it enables users to buy or sell anything without revealing their identity. Yet, paradoxically, all Bitcoin transactions are stored publicly and permanently on blockchain. Now, as seen in recent cases, enterprising...

Out of the Toolbox and Ready for Use: Antitrust Arbitration

12 September 2019


For the first time since the passage of the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996, the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division announced that it will use binding arbitration to resolve a dispositive issue regarding market definition. If successfully...

The UK Government Technology Innovation Strategy

12 September 2019


The Government has ambitions for the UK to become the world’s most innovative economy and at the forefront of future technologies, but it says that without Government intervention and support from industry, the full economic and societal benefits of technology...

Cannabis-based cosmetic and beauty products: less rouge, more green

5 September 2019


As reported in the first two instalments of our "Green Rush" series (Cannabis based food products:  Got the munchies?, and Cannabis-Based Vaping and Smoking Products:  setting a budding industry ablaze), the commercialisation of cannabis in...

EU Financial Services Legislation Stocktake

3 September 2019


As we look ahead to the start of the new European Commission's term on 1 November, now is a good time to take stock of upcoming implementation challenges for firms under EU financial services legislation, as well as to review possible future legislation. The...

EU financial services horizon scanner

2 September 2019


The horizon scanner identifies and summarises key EU legislative and non-legislative initiatives that are likely to impact firms providing financial services in the EU, grouped thematically. It also sets out projected timelines for the finalisation and implementation...