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FCA guidance on cryptoassets and the scope of UK regulation

15 August 2019


The FCA’s final Guidance on Cryptoassets clarifies which types of cryptoassets the FCA considers to fall within the existing UK regulatory perimeter. In many ways, the Guidance simply confirms the status quo, as it reiterates the need to carry out a substantive...

The Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) – an update

14 August 2019


Part 3 of the Finance Act 2015 (FA 2015) introduced an entirely new tax on cross-border businesses and transactions. Four years later, the diverted profits tax (DPT) remains largely unique amongst national tax codes, with Australia the only other country to have...

The UK Parliament can (probably) block a no-deal Brexit

13 August 2019


The Withdrawal Agreement seems dead in the water, and negotiations between the UK and EU have stalled. The UK Government is determined to leave the EU on 31 October, but could Parliament stop it? The answer appears to be yes – probably. If a majority to...

Conservation Covenants and their potential future use by Developers

13 August 2019


Conservation covenants are to be introduced in an attempt to provide relevant parties with a new legal tool for the conservation of nature and to facilitate sustainable development. The proposed scheme creates a new private-law right, allowing the enforcement of...

New Planning Requirements for Biodiversity Net Gain

13 August 2019


The Government has published its plans for implementation of "biodiversity net gain" in the planning system in a response to consultation.  Developers will be required to assess potential development sites against a standardised biodiversity metric...


12 August 2019


高伟绅全球资深合伙人Jeroen Ouwehand在由英国皇家国际事务研究所主持召开的"中国经济展望论坛"上提到,保护主义以及中国同西方国家之间一触即发的科技对弈占据了各大报刊头版头条,但当务之急的是我们需要通力合作就科技创新及安全构建一个全球框架。本文摘选Ouwehand的演讲,涉及数字边境、数据流通以及道德及人工智能问题。

Decrypting crypto-funds: The key questions

2 August 2019


Many of the world’s largest asset management firms are exploring the potential of crypto-funds, but what are they, what are the risks, how are they regulated, how do you set one up and who has custody of the assets? These were some of the questions discussed...

中国“一带一路”倡议: 基础设施挑战

1 August 2019


习近平主席2013年提出了中国 "一带一路" 倡议。这是历史上最雄心勃勃的发展项目之一。该倡议旨在促进亚洲、欧洲和非洲之间的全球贸易,并在一带一路沿线创造充满活力的经济,覆盖74 个国家。自该倡议推出五年后,我们的专家特此评估未来的机遇和挑战。