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12 March 2019


《欧盟外商直接投资审查条例》(“《条例》”)已经获得欧盟理事会正式通过。《条例》确立了关于外商对欧盟直接投资的审查框架,将于2020年10月10日起生效。 《条例》将允许欧盟委员会(“欧委会”)审查(但无权否决)“影响欧盟利益”的特定投资,并向投资涉及的成员国出具无约束力的意见。《条例》同时澄清了成员国在适用本国的审查制度时在不与欧盟法律冲突的前提下可以考虑的问题范围,为该等制度设定了若干共同标准,并确立了成员国和欧委会之间执法合作和信息交换...

FTC Task Force to Scrutinize Competition in Tech Industry

7 March 2019


On February 26, 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition—the arm through which the FTC enforces US federal antitrust laws—announced the creation of a new Technology Task Force charged with “enhanc[ing] the Bureau’s...

A Guide to the EU Foreign Investment Screening Regulation

7 March 2019


The EU Regulation establishing a framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the EU will become applicable on 10 October 2020. The Regulation will allow the Commission to review (but not block) certain investments of "Union interest"...