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Infrastructure: 21st Century Challenges - A legal perspective

29 October 2018


Global geopolitical shifts, climate change, financial stress, and rapid technological developments are having a huge impact on the infrastructure sector. In this publication we provide a legal perspective on some of the most pressing issues for the industry, with...

Belt and Road: Investing in the Caspian Region

20 June 2018


Standing at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, the Caspian region has a key part to play in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The governments of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Georgia, in particular, are actively courting...

Splitting Contracts

16 May 2018


Where project works include a significant cross-border element it has become common practice for the construction documentation to be split between two or more contracts in order to reduce local tax liabilities. This article looks at the key legal issues and potential...

Cost-Plus Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts

16 May 2018


Pure cost-plus contracts are rare in many markets. However, cost-plus is more common as a method of calculating interim payments in contracts whose outturn cost is capped by a Guaranteed Maximum Price ("GMP") or target cost mechanism. CPGMP contracts...

Two Stage Contracts

16 May 2018


The recent (but now rapidly reversing) surge in demand in the major project construction market revived interest in two-stage contract structures. They have been in growing use or contemplation in various sectors, notably oil and gas, petrochemicals and energy....

FIDIC Silver Book 2017 – A step away from project finance norms?

9 May 2018


The much heralded upgrade to the FIDIC Silver Book was released towards the end of 2017. It has evolved considerably from the 1999 first edition but, given its prevalence on international project finance deals, does it cater for the typical requirements of lenders...