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The UK Parliament can (probably) block a no-deal Brexit

13 August 2019


The Withdrawal Agreement seems dead in the water, and negotiations between the UK and EU have stalled. The UK Government is determined to leave the EU on 31 October, but could Parliament stop it? The answer appears to be yes – probably. If a majority to...

Brexit - where are we now?

9 May 2019


The UK's withdrawal from the EU has been delayed, potentially until the end of October. How does this affect the risk of a 'No Deal' Brexit, the future relationship and our political landscape? This briefing reviews recent developments, explains key...

Brexit Update - EU 'No Deal' contingency planning

28 January 2019


The UK is due to leave the EU in just two months, and there is no clarity about whether an orderly withdrawal is possible. The EU has begun preparations for a 'No Deal' outcome, where the UK would leave the EU on 29 March 2019 and become a third country...

Your 2019 AGM update and beyond

14 January 2019


Helpfully, no major changes are required to the form and content of notice of AGM for the 2019 AGM season. However, with the publication of the updated UK Corporate Governance Code, which applies to financial years starting on or after 1 January 2019, there is...

UK Government announces radical new digital services tax

29 October 2018


In his October 2018 Budget speech, the UK Chancellor announced a radical new Digital Services Tax ("DST") on digital platforms that derive their economic value from the participation of UK users.  The DST significantly departs from the traditional...