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Brexit and choice of courts: UK accedes to the Hague Convention

7 January 2019


The Hague Convention on choice of court agreements will come into force in the UK on 1 April 2019 if there is a "no deal" Brexit. As a result, all EU member states will be obliged to give effect to exclusive choice of court agreements in favour of the...

Infrastructure: 21st Century Challenges - A legal perspective

29 October 2018


Global geopolitical shifts, climate change, financial stress, and rapid technological developments are having a huge impact on the infrastructure sector. In this publication we provide a legal perspective on some of the most pressing issues for the industry, with...

Brexit, English law and the English courts: Where are we now?

16 August 2018


Brexit brings many uncertainties that have yet to be resolved. However, the English law used in transactions is not one of them; it will remain the same after Brexit as it was before because the EU, for all its law-making, has had minimal impact on transactional...

Implementing Brexit in the UK: The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

30 July 2018


The UK Government has published a White Paper on its proposals for a European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill to implement the UK's Withdrawal Agreement with the EU into UK domestic law. The White Paper details how the UK will implement the planned transition...