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FCA guidance on cryptoassets and the scope of UK regulation

15 August 2019


The FCA’s final Guidance on Cryptoassets clarifies which types of cryptoassets the FCA considers to fall within the existing UK regulatory perimeter. In many ways, the Guidance simply confirms the status quo, as it reiterates the need to carry out a substantive...

The Treatment of Cryptotokens at English Law: back to the future

30 July 2019


There has been much discussion around the appropriate treatment and characterisation of cryptotokens, both under English law and internationally. At the date of writing the current value of the largest virtual currency in existence, Bitcoin, is $185bn, the value...

EU cross-border payments: price equality and FX transparency

19 July 2019


The revised EU cross-border payments regulation is due to extend the current price equality rule for cross-border transactions in euro to ensure they are no more expensive than domestic transactions in the national currency of non-euro area member states. It will...

Facebook's Libra - an exciting but challenging road ahead

27 June 2019


Facebook has announced that it is to launch Libra, a global digital currency, backed by some of the biggest names in financial services and tech including Visa, Mastercard, Uber and Spotify. The aim is to provide instant international money transfers by blockchain...

Policy Statement on Groups Policy and Double Leverage

2 May 2018


The UK Prudential Regulation Authority published its Policy Statement: Groups Policy and Double Leverage, on 30 April 2018. The Policy Statement addresses various group-level prudential regulatory issues. The over-arching theme is a concern that compliance with...