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18 September 2019



外国公司在伦敦证券交易所发行全球存托凭证 的重要考量事项

30 July 2018


本简报将简要介绍全球存托凭证(Global Depositary Receipts, 简称“全球存托凭证”或"GDR"),解释外国公司在考虑申请将 代表其股份的全球存托凭证纳入英国上市管理局管理的上市名 单(UK Official List)并在伦敦证券交易所主板上市的好处和相关 问题。

PSC Regime – Scottish Share Security

11 November 2016


Since 6 April 2016 the persons with significant control register regime ("PSC Register Regime") has been effective in the UK. Most of its consequences are now settling in the market, but there has been some uncertainty about the consequences for security...

The Growth of Islamic Finance - Trust Group - London

5 March 2014


When the Mayor of London recently identified London as being the next international centre for Islamic finance and indicated that this may mean the issue of sukuk by entities located in the United Kingdom, it highlighted the growth of interest in Islamic finance...