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Brexit – Dutch bonus cap rules

5 January 2017


Since the outcome of the Brexit, there is a lively debate on whether there will be an exodus of the financial industry from the City of London and, if that were to be the case, what the new primary European centre for the financial industry would be. In that context,...

Dutch House for Whistleblowers Act

28 June 2016


The Dutch House for Whistleblowers Act (to be referred to below as the ‘Whistleblowers’ Act’) will enter into effect on 1 July 2016. The purpose of the Act is to improve the ways to report a concern about wrongdoing within organisations and to...

Dutch Government proposes bonus cap for financial sector

4 December 2013


On 26 November 2013, the Dutch Government issued a draft legislative proposal including further remuneration rules for employees in the financial sector. This proposal is drafted in the form of a consultation document to which market parties can respond before...

UCITS notifications in the Netherlands

14 February 2012


The UCITS IV Directive was implemented in the Netherlands in July 2011. In this client briefing we review the practical consequences of the Directirve for the registration and maintenance of all incoming UCITS in the Netherlands. This briefing relates to...

UCITS notifications in the Netherlands as of July 2011

2 August 2011


The UCITS IV Directive needed to be implemented by all EU Member States on 1 July 2011. The Netherlands implemented the Directive slightly later, on 22 July 2011. The Directive will have a number of of practical consequences for the registration and maintenance...

Material changes in Dutch Securities Book-Entry Transfer Act

22 February 2011


On 1 January 2011 material amendments to the Securities Book-Entry Transfer Act (Wet giraal effectenverkeer; "WGE") came into force. The WGE deals with the holding and transferring of securities held through intermediaries. The WGE constitutes a legal...