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Discretion and Loss (CN)

7 March 2019


自由裁量与损失 2019年2月22日做出的“Lehman Brothers Finance AG (in liquidation) v (1) Klaus Tschira Stiftung GmbH (2) Dr H C Tschira Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG [2019] EWHC 379 (Ch) ”一案的判决中,论述了非违约方根据1992年ISDA主协议计算损失时享有多少自由度的问题

Smart Contracts - Legal Agreements for the Digital Age

10 April 2018


Consider a world in which contracts are performed by computers and drafted in computer code by legal software engineers. What kind of efficiencies in terms of speed of execution, legal certainty and transparency could be gained? Conversely, what are the risks of...

亚太地区金融科技市场 – 综述

7 August 2017


使用科技以提供、增强或者“扰乱”金融服务正在改变 着这个行业。无论是正在升级现有金融服务的传统金融 机构,还是正在开发创新产品的新兴企业,或者是正在 考虑当前监管体制是否适宜的主管部门或行业协会,这 份综述将会帮助您在亚太地区复杂的金融科技产品监管 框架中找到方向。